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Nolen Gurer Payesh With Cherry Bourbon Compote

Nolen Gurer Payesh is one of most delicious Bengali style rice pudding made by milk, Gobindo Bhog rice, jaggery and bay leaves flavoured. It’s a warm comfort and tempting dessert that has a rich creamy taste and texture. This dessert made during wintertime in Bengali families. It’s kind of tradition but I used to put jaggery in my rice pudding every time. It is healthy and I can enjoy my favourite dessert at any time.

Especially right now Dutch weather is like cold rainy all day and what is better than something warm dessert? Rice pudding is actually my hubby’s one of the most favourite dessert. But, my version is a little bit of Danish (Risalamande) because Danish people add cherry compote to creamy rice pudding. Although, rice pudding with cherry compote is a Christmas dessert. The weather is cold and its cherry season; so, why not try some fusion.

It is not exactly Danish rice pudding but this is my version to try out. Traditional Risalamande (Danish Rice Pudding) is made with a cherry sauce, that is creamy and delicious rice pudding laced with sherry and almonds. It is served with a sweet, warm cherry sauce.

But, here I am sharing traditional authentic Indian Nolen Gurer Payesh with boozy cherry compote. Right now, it is cherry season and when you add little bourbon in it; becomes so elegant, nothing better than jaggery rice pudding with bourbon cherry compote. If you can’t find cherries, use strawberries or apples but nothing can beat cherries.

Every person has their own version of rice pudding. I like something different that is not too sweet and also drunken cherry provides sweet and boozy contrast to this creamy Nolen Gurer Payesh aka date palm jaggery rice pudding.

If you want to try something new and heavenly delicious drunken dessert, try this boozy yet creamy, melt in mouth Danish style Nolen Gurer Payesh with bourbon cherry compote that is topped with grated white chocolate and almonds. This beautiful and scrumptious dessert will make your summer table more desirable.

So ENJOY! Stay healthy, stay humble!

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