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Bajra Methi Dhebra

Savoury, herbalicious, perfectly spiced and soft methi bajra dhebras are so delicious that you can enjoy them as snacks or breakfast. I like to enjoy these dhebras at any time of the day with a hot cup of tea and pickle. Methi bajra dhebra is a staple food of Gujarati kitchen – an unleavened flatbread made of wheat and millet flour, fine chopped aromatic fenugreek leaf, yoghurt-ginger-garlic paste, some spices and little sweetness of jaggery. Typically it is served in breakfast or lunch with yogurt or sweet pickle. Dhebra comes in very handy for the lunch boxes as well. Methi bajra dhebra is best when enjoyed either right after making them or later the same day. Even good for long travel as well.

Simply knead the dough with water and yogurt. Store cooled dhebras in an airtight container and keep them at room temperature. You can also prepare them in various varieties as per your choice. If you want to freeze them, make sure first to let them cool down totally. Then place them into the freezer-proof container with placing butter paper in-between each dhebras.

Re-heat dhebras in a hot pan before consuming them. You may freeze the dough in the freezer and thaw properly before making the dhebra.

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Tikhat Misal Pav

One of the most famous Maharashtrian recipes, Misal is a scrumptious cocktail of savouries and sprouts! Wholesome and tasty sprouts are cooked with tangy tomatoes and red onions, not to forget the goda masala and the special coconut-coriander-green chilli based misal masala!

One of my Marathi neighbours taught me to make this special green masala that gives a special kick to misal. Misal Pav is a vibrant and delicious and spicy sprouted bean curry topped with crunchy sev farsan, onions, fresh coriander, and lemon. It is served with buttered velvety soft pav or dinner rolls.

What is Misal Pav? 

“Misal” is a spicy vegan sprouted bean curry also known as “matkichi usal” with special masala and “Pav” are buns or dinner rolls. The misal curry is garnished with fresh onions, coriander and farsan and served with warm buttery rolls. Farsan is a crispy and flavourful fried snack that is also used as a garnish in chat and Indian breakfast dishes. The beans are used in this recipe is called Moth.

I love Indian street food and this is one of my favourite Puneri spicy food. It’s mouth-watering street food for me. Misal Pav is relished as a breakfast as well as a snack throughout Maharashtra. It is one of the popular street food in Maharashtra along with other special food.

Give a try to my version of this easy to make spicy Maharashtrian delight at home and feel the local flavour on your plate.

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Spinach Flatbread

Flatbread or roti or phulka, chapati is an essential part of the Indian kitchen. It’s basically a whole wheat flatbread that is made by almost every Indian moms. Sometimes it’s hard to feed green leafy vegetables to your family and little ones. This very bright green flatbread packed with nutritious spinach and very few spices that makes a healthy and simple way to eat your green.

Spinach flatbread is quite easy to make and having full of nutritious. Green roti or flatbread is super soft, puffy and beautifully round shaped Indian flatbread that is very common in Indian kitchen. These buttery soft rotis are a flavourful yet healthy; a bunch of spinach adds the essential nutritious and ginger, spices add flavour to it. This is a great way to add green to your daily meal. Once you and your little ones get used to eating these beautiful green round rotis, you’ll never go back to your simple roti.

Actually, it is a great variation of our regular rotis, that we make every day at home for our loved ones. Simply additions of purred spinach not just add colour and softness to regular roti but it also adds healthy nutrition in our daily meal. I like to add spices to my rotis while making dough that gives extra flavour. The dough needs to rest 20-30 min before cooking the chapatis that help to hydrate the dough and absorb all the flavours and also give softness to rotis or chapatis.

These super soft and flavoured spinach rotis are really packed with nutrition, iron, fibre and beautiful bright green colour. And they go very well with any curry or curd or just with pickles. I usually make these rotis with multigrain flour that give extra nutrition to these beautiful rotis. Well getting enough green leafy vegetables in our daily meal is a bit difficult.

But one way or another need to add more colours and fibres in our diet, so why do not mix in our daily diet? This is my munchkin’s favourite way to eat spinach and mine too. This is a better way to add colourful benefits of spinach into your loved one’s meal.

How to make gluten-free or low carb?:
These rotis can be made gluten-free and low carb by using gluten-free flour like gram flour, sorghum flour simply rice flour. Or even you can make low carb also simply using low carb flour.

It is vegan and yeast- free Indian flatbread. You should try this healthy version of plain rotis, it’s simply easy to make and perfect for lunch, lunch box and dinner as well.

Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Aloo Paratha (Spiced Potato Stuffed Flatbread)

Aloo paratha is not a paratha; it’s a feeling of cold grey days of fall and winter season. Actually, aloo paratha is an Indian stuffed bread with spicy potato filling. We Indians always adore paratha. Basically, our morning starts with heavy breakfast that includes different variety of paratha and a hot cup of masala chai with homemade pickle.

The best part of parathas is that you can serve in breakfast as well as pack in the lunch box for your kids. I have learned these delicious aloo parathas firstly from my Punjabi landlady we call her “Bi Ji”. She actually makes parathas super delicious with lots of love and most of the times parathas are cooked with lots of ghee and served with dollops of butter.

Charred, flaky “aloo ka paratha” is the most favourite breakfast in Punjabi families and mine too. You will simply love aloo paratha, it is packed with lots of flavours that melt in the mouth texture.

To make aloo parathas, you need two main ingredients:
• Whole wheat and chickpea flour dough: a basic dough made with whole wheat flour and chickpea flour, a little bit of salt, oil and water.
• Potato stuffing: boiled or steamed mashed potatoes with few spices, herbs and salt.

You can make these paratha vegans too by just simply skip the ghee/butter and use oil instead. These are so delicious anyways, just add some love and voila.

A bowl of homemade curd, white butter, and pickle along with this aloo paratha is all you need to make your weekend more delightful.

So ENJOY! Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Methi Thepla

Methi thepla, a Gujrati style flatbread made with fresh fenugreek and whole wheat flour by adding few spices – a most lovable Gujrati dish. It is a soft paratha with different texture and aroma. These theplas are easy to store for a few days and amazing food for travel. Using methi or fresh fenugreek leaves into these parathas not just enhances the flavour but also loaded with nutrition.

It is a good way to feed leafy greens to your little one and perfect for lunch box also. Also adding a little bit of sour yogurt or curd and chickpea flour into the dough make these parathas soft yet mildly crispy. Or if you want them soft and melt in the mouth skip adding chickpea flour into the dough.

Methi thepla is cooked every day in Gujrati cuisine. My mum also used to make these theplas a lot for us. So, it’s kind of a memory of home for me but here it’s not possible to find these little leaves of happiness. So I have grown fenugreek in my kitchen garden.

Methi thepla it is not just paratha, it’s a feeling, delicious, healthy and power-packed snacks, easy to carry. Thin and soft healthy theplas are very light also. You and your loved one can enjoy any time with pickle or boondi raita. These are aromatic fenugreek flatbread is the staple food and you can enjoy with your hot cup of tea as well.

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Vegan Chilli Lime Granola

This chilli lime granola is a little bit different than the regular granolas. The perfect zesty flavour and mild sweetness in the healthy power-packed breakfast. You can eat this savoury and sweet granola as a snack or top-up in your favourite salad as well. I love the zesty lime flavoured granola that I can add into my salad as a crunch or sometimes to-go snacks. Well, you can make this chilli lime granola easily with very few pantry staple ingredients that easily available in your kitchen and voila, breakfast is ready… This power breakfast is much better than the store-bought and the taste is heavenly delicious.

I just love being creative with my granola flavours and this is my new obsessions of power breakfast granola. Not overloaded sugar and a perfect combination of chilli and zesty lime with a mild hint of sweetness. A perfect summer flavoured chilli lime granola. Grey summer morning calling for low carb, vegan chilli lime flavoured healthy breakfast granola you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Chilli lime granolas are vegan friendly, mildly sweet, savoury and bursting with the flavour of chilli lime, the perfect snack to go. Just be patient and let this granola little bit cool so it will be more flavourful and crunchy to enjoy. This zesty chilli lime granola is amazing snack to-go snack or eat it just like this or sprinkle over yogurt, salad, soups for extra zesty heat-y crunch.

So ENJOY! Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Vegan Scallion Pancakes

This restaurant-style classic savoury vegan scallion pancakes you can make it home easily. These thin, round savoury pancakes are crispy outside and chewy inside. Scallion or green onion pancakes are famous Chinese street food that usually eaten in breakfast or as a snack. Green onion pancakes are a savoury Chinese flatbread simply made with flour, water, salt, and chopped scallions.

My version is crispy & flaky outside and chewy inside. Somewhat a messy thing to make, but totally irresistible to eat. The unleavened dough is shallow fried to a golden crisp and served hot with vinegar-based dipping sauce. Scallion pancakes are quite similar to the Indian paratha or Indian flaky flatbread but totally different filling and crispiness. These three-ingredient vegan scallion pancakes are incredibly delicious and easy to make at home. These chewy, flaky, and savoury vegan scallion pancakes are one of my favourite Chinese restaurant-style vegan treats.

Enjoy! Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Handvo (Spicy Rice-Lentils Cake)

Healthy and yummylicious mixed lentils and rice cake recipe from the Gujarati cuisine. Handvo is a popular breakfast in Gujju families and even you can eat as a snack with your hot tea. It is a baked cake made with a fermented batter of rice and various lentils that is mixed with spices and vegetable. This spicy and savoury cake is soft inside and crisp outside. This can be made using Handvo flour or a batter made from scratch using rice and lentils. And yes, I have prepared this from scratch, as I cannot get Handvo flour here.

The protein-packed and most healthy spicy cake is full of nutrients and goodness of vegetables, and aroma is outstanding. I have personally prepared this guilt-free cake for our breakfast. This overwhelming, Handvo, a flavourful savoury cake-like dish and much better with bottle gourd; but I have used zucchini.

Gujrati cuisine has an impressive line-up of delicious savoury snacks and breakfast. I love all those dishes personally even my family too. Every Gujarati family will have their own version of Handvo, like some, adds pickle spices and oil in it for extra flavoursome. I have made it extra spicy. So, I love this savoury cake a bit spicy and a nice crust on top and bottom. It is diet-friendly too, because of protein and very less oil; no guilt when I take a big piece in my plate.

You can replace dairy yogurt with vegan yogurt or add lemon juice for a vegan recipe version. Ferment the batter without the lemon or tamarind. Add it just before baking. It is a wonderful breakfast and perfect teatime snack, a protein-packed recipe with the goodness of vegetables that you can give your little munchkins too.

I love this savoury and spicy cake with my piping hot masala chai and spicy green chutney. Handvo can be served as a snack, breakfast, lunch, or light supper as it can be a meal itself. Many serve it with buttermilk as well.

So, Enjoy it. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Soya keema paratha

Hello beautiful people how are you all? R you up for some healthy and flavourful breakfast recipe? A delightful, full of aromatic spiced deliciousness nutritious breakfast plate. Today, I am sharing very nutrition and protein-packed breakfast recipe that is an authentic Indian stuffed whole wheat bread with flavourful minced soya keema, which is soya keema paratha.

Soya is veg meat or you can say a vegetarian source of good protein. Protein is an important part of the diet, especially soy protein has crucial health benefits. Soya granules are easy to cook and with earthy spices, you can add lots of flavour in it. It is a rich plant-based protein option for vegan and vegetarians. But, soya granules are not keto because they contain a significant amount of good carbs as well. You can add soya into other recipes like rice or stir fry or you can make curry with soya chunks.

Well, my paratha-lover family loves to eat parathas with yogurt in the morning. So, this spicy, flavourful paratha is a perfect way to start a healthy morning. This paratha is a perfect blend of nutrients and flavours. This is a very healthy and power-packed breakfast recipe. In Indian families, doesn’t prefer to eat oats in the morning. Always prefer paratha in breakfast with yogurt and homemade pickle along with masala tea. It is a perfectly balanced healthy, full of a protein breakfast. Even if you are weight watcher still you can have this protein paratha without any guilt.

This is a quick and easy breakfast recipe that also low in calories that you can make for your kid lunch box as well. Let your gut taste a good healthy meal.

So, Enjoy it. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Palak Thepla

Thepla is a most popular Indian flatbread from Gujarati cuisine. Thepla is cooked almost daily in many Gujarati homes. Today, I am going to share my mum’s style spinach Thepla that is delicious, healthy and easy to make. My mother used to make this thepla at home either with methi or Palak to feed us green somehow. In past, I was never a big fan of green.

If you are going on long travel then it is the best travelling food, easy to carry, easy to store and you can eat it for the next 2-3 days easily. It is prepared from wheat flour, fenugreek or palak (spinach) leaves and other spices. Thepla is a light as well as a healthy snack. It is a thin, soft and merely goes great with boondi raita, pickle. Even this is the best option for the kid’s lunch box. This way you can serve them green leafy vegetable with whole wheat flour. It’s a perfect nutritional power pack for your kids.

Thepla is a perfect blend of spicy and savoury. It derives distinctive taste from fenugreek or spinach leaves. Green leafy veggie has a bitter taste that makes them unpalatable, but when mixed into the dough or with some spices makes a delightful aroma and texture. Growing up in India, we were fortunate enough to have a different kind of food experiences with great varieties. We grew up eating the numerous types of curry and flatbreads and thepla is on the top of my food list.

These are great for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. You can pair them with yoghurt, chutney, achaar (pickle) or yoghurt. These are nutritious, delicious and addictive too!

These nutritious flatbread are one of the best ways of feeding veggies to fussy kids as the veggies are finely chopped and kneaded with the dough. Other ingredients that make the thepla soft is curd and spices always gives a nice flavour.

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