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Roasted Garlic Asparagus Salad with Quinoa

Fresh, healthy and crunchy garlicky asparagus salad paired with quinoa along with zingy lemony coriander, and mint dressing. This asparagus quinoa salad is an awesome side dish in any season. It does not spring yet but I found these fresh asparagus in the farmer’s market. Without having second thought I picked a whole bunch of asparagus. I thought I should make a curry but, salad is always the better option.

Well, it does not spring yet but, but days are a bit warmer than last year and salad is my all-time favourite. In India, we eat asparagus as in curry made in clarified butter with lots of garlic, but today I want to share a simple salad recipe with a special dressing that is a kind of fusion. This dressing is Indian dip or you can say green chutney; it is fresh and spicy tangy. Choose your favourite green mix and these roasted asparagus, peas, carrot julienne, and shaved zucchini.

As a base, I have chosen quinoa because it is a gluten-free grain that has protein, dietary fibres, and dietary minerals. You can also serve this roasted asparagus healthy green salad over rice or any other cooked gluten-free grain with this special green dressing.

It’s comforting and mouth-watering, mid-week side dish and easy way to eat your greens.

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