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Vegan Chocolate Brownies

These vegan chocolate brownies are super fudgy, dense and have an intense flavour that you just love it. As a person, I am chocoholic and brownies are on the top of my list. All I want is chocolate in everything. Plus my munchkin loves chocolate too. So, I made these Droolicious brownies with her for this Christmas.

These vegan brownies has cocoa powder, melted dark chocolate and espresso coffee shot. These are fudgy with so much intense chocolate flavour. It will blow your mind, after making them from scratch. This vegan brownie is actually super easy to make and you can store or freeze them also. And the best part is you don’t need any eggs or dairy in it. These homemade vegan brownies are super soft, rich, fudgy, dreamy and dense chocolatey… and surprisingly vegan!

Homemade Vegan brownie has:

✔️ Dark Chocolate Chips– the key of these beautiful brownie bars is dark chocolate! I have used dark dairy-free vegan chocolate chips and a chopped up chocolate bar. 
✔️ Flax Eggs– flax eggs are a vegan replacement for eggs. To make a flax egg, you combine ground flaxseed with water.
✔️ Expresso Coffee– for intense flavour! Coffee brings out the chocolate flavour, without any taste of coffee at all, and leaves you with rich, vegan excessively chocolaty brownies.
✔️ Coconut Sugar– to sweeten the brownies and give them the gorgeous crackly tops! You can use any granulated sweetener you like – white sugar or brown sugar or cane sugar also works well. 
✔️ Vegan Butter– be sure to use a good quality vegan butter.
✔️ Vanilla Extract– a must for any good brownie recipe! 
✔️ All-Purpose Flour– also known as plain flour.
✔️ Cocoa Powder– be sure to use a good quality cocoa powder, as it really does make all the difference! 
✔️ Baking Powder– leavens out the brownies and gives them some rise! 
✔️ Salt– brings out the sweetness. For the ultimate sweet and salty taste, sprinkle a little bit on top of the cooked brownies as you like.

Storage & Freezing

Place any leftover vegan brownies in an airtight container and keep them right on the counter at room temperature for up to 5 days. You can keep them in the fridge, wrap in wax paper separately and store in a freezer-friendly bag. They’ll get rock-solid, so before eating either put in microwave for few seconds or keep it on the counter for some time before eating.

These super fudgy, and melt in mouth vegan brownie beauties are easy to be served with some Vegan Ice-cream, or a drizzle of extra chocolate, or even warmed up and served just like that.

You have an insanely DELIGHTFUL chocolatey treat at home! Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Vegan Spiced Walnut Banana Bread With Jaggery

This vegan spiced walnut banana bread is simply delicious with a beautiful texture that makes banana bread irresistible. Actually, I love lots of walnut in my banana bread that gives not only the chunky texture but also beautiful colour. It’s so amazing… I am really in love with this vegan spiced walnut banana bread. I am not the person who grew up eating lots of cake and flavoured bread but after moved to Pune with my family then the first time I have tested banana bread from a little bakery near my house. It was the most amazing banana walnut bread I ever tasted.

That time I thought I will never be going to be able to make this kind of sweet bread at home. I was never able to stop myself from eating good banana bread. After trying so many recipes, this is exactly the same taste and textured walnut banana bread I was used to eating in Pune.

This is my version of easy one bowl spiced walnut banana bread. Moist, spiced and filled with nutty walnut, this banana bread is so amazing and melts in the mouth. I made this bread without dairy and eggs but you will not able to tell the difference. It is so easy to make, even you can make this beautiful bread without sugar by trying your favourite sweetener or if your banana is sweeter then you don’t need any sugar.

Always use overripe bananas for baking for texture and sweetness. You can skip jaggery also or replace walnut with chocolate chip or any other nuts of choice. It’s totally up to you guys but, trying healthy vegan spiced walnut bread is worthy. Plus you can have little dessert without any guilt and your little one also going to love this. Eat as a snack or enjoy a slice of this healthy banana bread as a breakfast with your favourite hot beverage or as a dessert after your meal. It’s so good to have a healthy dessert for your guest also.

Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Garlic Knots

I love to enjoy baking classic Italian pizzeria style aromatic garlic knots. Most of the pizzeria have this easy and dame delicious snack but nothing can beat homemade one. Amazingly flaky, buttery and umami flavour parmesan cheese with some herbs; your house smells like heaven. Homemade garlic knots made completely from scratch and melts in the mouth.

These appetizing garlicky knots are very easy if you want to make at home. Most of the people like garlic bread even my munchkin also but she goes crazy when she tasted these garlicky knots. Super soft, buttery, and aromatic garlic knots tastes like amazingly delicious. It can be served as snacks also in party snacks or Friday night appetizer. Just serve along with marinara sauce on the side.

When you want to make these savoury aromatic garlic knots then you can also use pre-made pizza dough. Or, if you have time to make your own yeast dough and you can freeze for a busy day but don’t forget to defrost the dough. Cut the dough equal parts and roll each piece into a 7 inch long rope. Take the ends of the knots and make a knot. Brush it with herb and garlic butter and cover them with parmesan cheese without hesitation.

Bake until golden brown then brush more butter and sprinkle parmesan cheese and your home will smell like your favourite pizzeria. These little bits of happiness are really delicious. Just dip your knots into marinara sauce and lekker. This is a perfect snack for any time. Something about garlic knots that is an irresistible aromatic buttery garlicky flavour you never going to forget.

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Spicy Vegan Baked Masala Peanuts

Masala peanut is a spicy and crunchy fried peanut coated with gluten-free chickpea flour and spices. That is usually served with a hot cup of tea or enjoy with your favourite drink during drink parties. I have savoury snacking additions but I prefer something healthy and non-fried with my tea. Well, tea is an important part of Indian evening and for me as well. My day starts with my masala tea and any spicy dry snacks. So, this is my baked version of this classic Haldiram style masala peanuts.

It is healthy, very less oil, gluten-free and super easy to make at home and you can be store for a long time in your kitchen counter in an airtight container. Your kids can also enjoy this guilt-free healthy version of masala peanut. This baked masala peanut is a perfect party starter also and the best part is, it can be prepared in advanced and stored easily.

Making favourite snacks at home is my habit and outcome is so delicious better than store brought. At least I have control over the quality of ingredients and spices without the use of preservatives. The best thing about this non-fried version of masala peanut you can make at home with basic pantry staple ingredients. So, enjoy… one of my most favourite all-time snack but healthy version 🙂

Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Vegan Chilli Lime Granola

This chilli lime granola is a little bit different than the regular granolas. The perfect zesty flavour and mild sweetness in the healthy power-packed breakfast. You can eat this savoury and sweet granola as a snack or top-up in your favourite salad as well. I love the zesty lime flavoured granola that I can add into my salad as a crunch or sometimes to-go snacks. Well, you can make this chilli lime granola easily with very few pantry staple ingredients that easily available in your kitchen and voila, breakfast is ready… This power breakfast is much better than the store-bought and the taste is heavenly delicious.

I just love being creative with my granola flavours and this is my new obsessions of power breakfast granola. Not overloaded sugar and a perfect combination of chilli and zesty lime with a mild hint of sweetness. A perfect summer flavoured chilli lime granola. Grey summer morning calling for low carb, vegan chilli lime flavoured healthy breakfast granola you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Chilli lime granolas are vegan friendly, mildly sweet, savoury and bursting with the flavour of chilli lime, the perfect snack to go. Just be patient and let this granola little bit cool so it will be more flavourful and crunchy to enjoy. This zesty chilli lime granola is amazing snack to-go snack or eat it just like this or sprinkle over yogurt, salad, soups for extra zesty heat-y crunch.

So ENJOY! Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Lemon-Rosemary Cookies

Rosemary cookies are perfect with a hint of lemony freshness when you crave for buttery sweetness in the summer. Some fresh lemon zest, lemon juice along with fresh rosemary are all required for this quick easy buttery rosemary and lemon shortbread Cookies!

Rosemary is a fragrant herb known for its savoury flavour and healing properties. My kitchen garden is full of rosemary plants and other herb plants too. I usually use this herb for my savoury dishes. But, for the first time, I made something sweet with this herb. So, it is my first attempt to make a batch of buttery, crispy cookies by adding lots of minced rosemary, some lemon zest and lemon juice – it’s a perfect match. Usually, I ate very less sugar or no sugar; but I love buttery cookies. First, they are easy to make and secondly their buttery soft texture.

Well, two days ago it was my birthday and it was a good sweet option for me on my birthday. These buttery lemony cookies are soft, crispy, melt in the mouth, and very slightly sweet with the freshness of lemon and rosemary. When you take a bite, you will feel tangy lemon flavour with rosemary just like that, not so sweet yet easy and delicious. I prefer to eat cookies with my evening tea, as a perfect birthday dessert. One of my favourite things about my birthday that I usually make my own desirable sweet, food and I eat all day. Last few days were so exhausting so, I prefer this beauty for myself. These are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee or you can simply have as a dessert.

There is nothing like the combination of fresh lemon and savoury rosemary. Especially when you cannot find these cookies in any baker shop and I love the additions of lemon zest in these cookies. I like to bake for myself this perfect dessert and enjoyed hot out of the oven with warm masala tea.

So, Enjoy it. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Handvo (Spicy Rice-Lentils Cake)

Healthy and yummylicious mixed lentils and rice cake recipe from the Gujarati cuisine. Handvo is a popular breakfast in Gujju families and even you can eat as a snack with your hot tea. It is a baked cake made with a fermented batter of rice and various lentils that is mixed with spices and vegetable. This spicy and savoury cake is soft inside and crisp outside. This can be made using Handvo flour or a batter made from scratch using rice and lentils. And yes, I have prepared this from scratch, as I cannot get Handvo flour here.

The protein-packed and most healthy spicy cake is full of nutrients and goodness of vegetables, and aroma is outstanding. I have personally prepared this guilt-free cake for our breakfast. This overwhelming, Handvo, a flavourful savoury cake-like dish and much better with bottle gourd; but I have used zucchini.

Gujrati cuisine has an impressive line-up of delicious savoury snacks and breakfast. I love all those dishes personally even my family too. Every Gujarati family will have their own version of Handvo, like some, adds pickle spices and oil in it for extra flavoursome. I have made it extra spicy. So, I love this savoury cake a bit spicy and a nice crust on top and bottom. It is diet-friendly too, because of protein and very less oil; no guilt when I take a big piece in my plate.

You can replace dairy yogurt with vegan yogurt or add lemon juice for a vegan recipe version. Ferment the batter without the lemon or tamarind. Add it just before baking. It is a wonderful breakfast and perfect teatime snack, a protein-packed recipe with the goodness of vegetables that you can give your little munchkins too.

I love this savoury and spicy cake with my piping hot masala chai and spicy green chutney. Handvo can be served as a snack, breakfast, lunch, or light supper as it can be a meal itself. Many serve it with buttermilk as well.

So, Enjoy it. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Rustic Stroopwafel Banana Cake

Dutch Liberation Day, or Bevrijdingsdag, in contrast, is a day for celebration and festivities. Liberation Day is characterized by big parties, celebrations, and festivals. Each city organizes its own festivities as well as 14 Liberation Day festivals that are held around the country. Aside from music festivals, military parades, street theatre performances, festival markets, and film screenings are common and popular events.

Let’s celebrate this time at home with some Dutch specialty “Stroopwafel”, that is one of my favourite cookies. These amazing Dutch cookies consist of a thin layer of “dulce de leche” syrup sandwiched between two wafers. These cookies originated from Gouda city of the Netherlands.

Stroopwaffles are meant to be eaten with coffee or tea. You keep the round disc on top of your mug and let the steam soften it for a couple of minutes. The steam heats the cookie and melts the inside layer so that it’s warm and gooey. If you can’t wait that long, eat Stroopwaffles straight from the package. Stroopwaffles delights everybody in your family, either you are Dutch or not. I love stroopwafel so much, divine taste, and gooey texture so amazing.

I have made a rustic cake with stroopwafels and bananas. The outcome is luscious. A beautiful evening in the Netherlands and sinful syrupy stroopwafel banana cake. Yes, an amazing combo that is perfect for breakfast on this colourful day. Time to celebrate Dutch Liberation Day with this amazing rustic cake.

If you are a weight watcher then it is not for you but if you want to enjoy the heavenly taste of this cake then go for it. The first time in while my girl ate cake and her reaction was so amazing. This cake is very easy to make with few ingredients and voila. Long weekend and stroppy banana cake… a great way to start celebrations.

Delicious rustic banana cake with pieces of stroopwafel. Enjoy this delicious cake with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Jeera (Cumin) cookies

Hello foodie fellows! Hope are you doing great 🙂

Today I am sharing freshly baked vegan cumin cookies. Not so fancy but, a basic thing that brightens my mood and my day. Little sweetness with cumin flavour having buttery texture just melts in the mouth, these beautiful yet delicious cookies.

These mildly sweet and salty cookies are packed with the fragrant earthy aroma of roasted cumin. We Indians love our chai and we need biscuits too, a perfect pair in family tea time. It doesn’t matter, it is morning or evening. Well who said cookies need to be sweet, you should try these roasted cumin savoury cookies. This very special savoury jeera (cumin) cookies are for those who don’t like sweet with their tea or coffee.

Well, my morning starts with a hot cup of my masala tea, some cookies, and retro songs on the radio on a rainy and a lazy morning! Nothing better than this, for the absolutely perfect morning… and my home filled with the aroma of these freshly baked roasted cumin cookies. Baking cookies in the morning is always a pleasure-full experience for me, no matter how upset I am.

These cookies are very easy to make. I make my cookies slightly thin rather than normal cumin cookie, my baby girl likes thin cookies. These cookies are required only a few pantry staple ingredients like flour, butter (I have used vegan butter), salt, little bit sugar, and yes, of course, star ingredient cumin. Not much fancy but just simple cookies from my heaven my kitchen.

So Enjoy. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Vegan Chocolate Cranberry Cookie Bar

Hello foodie fellows! I have completed my Monday vegan baking project and loved to see my daughter eating her food with these bars. Chocolate bars are one of my favourites. Yes, I love to have chocolate chip cookies as a sidekick with my morning tea or any time of day as sweet and my family as well. This simple and versatile chocolate recipe, you can make easily.

For the last two days, my munchkin was not eating anything so I came up with the idea to make these salty chocolate and cranberry cookie bars. These heavenly delicious cookies bar with dark chocolate and cranberry and she loved it. These cookies bar easy to make and incredibly delicious. Even you can freeze them for the future.

For these delicious cookies bars, you don’t need eggs or dairy products. But, still too yum. I have added 80% dark chocolate and dried cranberry. You can add any topping you like or sprinkles totally up to you, feel free to create your own style cookies bar.

I love dark chocolate and my munchkin too, so that’s why I prefer to add the finest dark Belgium chocolate and slightly tanginess of cranberry. These cookies bar easy to make, vegan dairy-free, chocolaty with crispy edges and perfectly delicious. At least, now she eating her food with this beautiful gooey chocolate cookies bar.

Well, you can freeze these bars and tastes delicious when thawed. Just wrap individual bars in foil properly, then put into the freezer-safe Ziploc bag. Whenever you want to eat, let them thaw unwrapped and enjoy.

Enjoy. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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