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Stir Fry Garlic Parval

The best and quick parval recipe, you will absolutely love. Preparation of garlicky parval is effortless with very few spices. It makes a perfect side dish to serve with roti and rice or parathas for breakfast and lunch. Parval is also known as pointed gourd and one of my mum’s favourite veggies.

Personally, I love to cook and eat parval in many variations but this specific one is my favourite. I usually eat this dry curry with roti and papad. This parval sabji is dry curry but so much flavoursome. A very healthy and homely dish that can be made on an everyday basis.

Can You Make this garlicky Parval Curry in the Air Fryer?
Absolutely yesss. I love to make this parval curry in the air fryer. Using an air fryer for this recipe is easy and uses very little oil. There is a misconception that you cannot make Indian curries in an air fryer. Since this recipe is dry, making it in an air fryer is quite convenient. Just slice pointed gourd or parval into two slices, mix them with the spice mix and air fry them at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-12 minutes.

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Vegan Radish (Mooli) Curry

Radish is a long white root vegetable that is crunchy and belongs to the radish family. It has a crisp texture and a peppery flavour that ranges from mind to strong. Radish comes in many varieties, the most common being the white radish-like the Red Globe variety. Radish (Mooli) curry is a traditional north Indian recipe. It is a simple, gluten-free, vegan dish made with fresh radish. The radish greens shed that pleasing pungent flavour as the winter passes away. So till there is a nip in the air, it is the right time to make Mooli ki sabzi.

Winter delicacies like mooli ki sabzi are the traditional recipes you will not find in any restaurant menu. The fresh, tender radish greens and white are cooked like a rustic stir-fry with a few basic spices and seasoning. As the summer approaches, the radish greens taste more like pungent grass than juicy leaves.

So the peak of the winter season is the right time to try this mooli ki sabzi recipe with radish greens. Rajasthani mooli palak sabzi is a simple and quick recipe that goes well with rice as well as chapatis. The use of dry mango powder gives the dish a unique tangy flavour. The crunchiness of the radish complements the soft radish greens and gives this vegan recipe a delicious flavour.

So, go ahead and get some fresh radish from the market to enjoy this delightful and healthy recipe.

This curry is…
• Vegan
• Gluten-free
• Super easy
• Quick meal
• Delicious
• Perfect for everyday meals
• A winter favourite

About Ingredients

Radish (Mooli) – Mooli or Radish is freshly available in markets during Winters. To make this sabzi, was and cut the upper leaf part of the radish, peel and then cut it in roundels.

Spices – Use some everyday spices such as coriander powder, turmeric powder, Kashmiri red chilli powder, and salt.

Oil – I like to use mustard oil, as it adds a nice flavour. You can use any vegetable oil too instead of mustard oil. While using mustard oil, make sure to heat it properly otherwise it will give a raw taste to the sabzi.

Others – Apart from this, you will need ingredients such as carom seeds, garlic, dry red chillies, and fresh or dry kachri (Rajasthani sour melon).

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Tikhat Misal Pav

One of the most famous Maharashtrian recipes, Misal is a scrumptious cocktail of savouries and sprouts! Wholesome and tasty sprouts are cooked with tangy tomatoes and red onions, not to forget the goda masala and the special coconut-coriander-green chilli based misal masala!

One of my Marathi neighbours taught me to make this special green masala that gives a special kick to misal. Misal Pav is a vibrant and delicious and spicy sprouted bean curry topped with crunchy sev farsan, onions, fresh coriander, and lemon. It is served with buttered velvety soft pav or dinner rolls.

What is Misal Pav? 

“Misal” is a spicy vegan sprouted bean curry also known as “matkichi usal” with special masala and “Pav” are buns or dinner rolls. The misal curry is garnished with fresh onions, coriander and farsan and served with warm buttery rolls. Farsan is a crispy and flavourful fried snack that is also used as a garnish in chat and Indian breakfast dishes. The beans are used in this recipe is called Moth.

I love Indian street food and this is one of my favourite Puneri spicy food. It’s mouth-watering street food for me. Misal Pav is relished as a breakfast as well as a snack throughout Maharashtra. It is one of the popular street food in Maharashtra along with other special food.

Give a try to my version of this easy to make spicy Maharashtrian delight at home and feel the local flavour on your plate.

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Instant Pot Paneer Butter Masala

Making paneer butter masala in my new instant pot is really easy, much effortless. A super easy and quick recipe requires little effort in the instant pot or its kind of one-pot paneer recipe. This super creamy paneer butter masala is so delicious and saves time as well. It is great as a mid-week meal as it is so quick to make.

The masala and paneer are all cooked in the Instant Pot and you just need a hand blender or jar blender and strainer for much creaminess in masala after puree. I prefer to do straining.

Super creamy, melt in the mouth, Dhaba style paneer butter masala, is super easy to make at home. It’s definitely one of my all-time favourite paneer curries. This creamy and addictive curry is made with onion- tomato, cashew, cream plus yes butter based gravy with wholesome aromatic spices.

I always love simple and homemade curry recipes that take less time and fewer ingredients, and this super simple masala curry is perfect for paneer lover. But you can simply skip paneer to tofu butter to oil for making this curry vegan. The taste may be different but not so bad… So, if you want vegan version go for it. Isn’t it sound delicious? For me and my family hell yeah…

Instant pot and Indian cooking:

Indian cooking and making curry need a heavy bottom pan or kadhai so using instant pot is a bit scary for me. I am slowly getting used to it and trying many recipes in the instant pot in mostly sautéing mode and less temperature. I read somewhere adding little water helps masala to cooked well and it prevents burning. And it’s working for me.

Sometimes it’s hard because of the inner pot is very thin but keep the temperature low that is helpful. It’s easy but electronic cooking is a tricky. But this method is easy and handy for busy & working mums. However, if you have not much time then it is a life-saving.

What is paneer butter masala or paneer makhani curry?

This finger-licking masala curry is a classical Indian curry that is made of tomato-onion, cashew-based creamy sauce with whole spices in it. Also known as paneer makhani curry (makhani as buttery and creamy) and beautiful cubes of paneer dunked in it. This curry is easy to make, pantry friendly and with richness of butter & cream.

Creamy curry is perfect for weeknight special dinner or weekend brunch or any other occasion. It’s a kind of crowd-pleaser style main dish.

What is paneer?

Paneer is Indian style fresh cheese also known as Indian cottage cheese. Making paneer is very simple and we can easily make it at home. We make it by heating the whole milk and then curdle it using lemon juice or vinegar. You can add spices and herb as well while making paneer for extra flavour.

Can I freeze the gravy?

Yes, you can. Prepare in advance and freeze. just do not add cream while freezing. Then when needed, defrost, give a boil and add cream, add tender cubes of paneer. And why the only paneer, you can add green peas or any other vegetable in this gravy.

I am also sharing the stovetop recipe as well. So it’s easy for the people who prefer cooking in stovetop as well as like me. Actually, the instant pot is an easy way for me making food. While my kid is at home, working with her is a bit difficult task. So, I prefer an easy way but feel free to use the traditional way of cooking.

This is a Dhaba style butter masala paneer cooked in an authentic cream and butter-based gravy flavoured with the most aromatic Kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves) and creamy cashew.

It is:

✔️ A delicious vegetarian paneer curry
✔️ Gluten-free
✔️ Easily made vegan
✔️ Crowd-pleaser
✔️ Tastes just like the restaurant and Dhaba

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Aloo Gobhi Masala

Aloo gobhi means the start of winter. I am not a very big fan of cauliflower but this very special curry I usually like it very much. It is spicy cauliflower and potato curry. This is a very popular north Indian dish especially during winter and weddings because it is actually a fascinating winter vegetable with warm spices. In this popular curry potatoes and cauliflower florets are cooked in very special masala, spices and herbs.

This curry can be made in several ways depending on person to person. Today I am sharing my favourite version in ginger-onion-tomatoes based masala with spices. This very special aloo gobhi masala is one the most like vegan dry Indian curry often enjoyed with naan or paratha or chapati.

Indian cuisine is a kind of treasure for food and curry lovers. It is easy to make curry which is always s party winner and an everyday meal with simple ingredients as well.

This gluten-free and vegan recipe is must try dry curry during winters when you easily buy fresh cauliflower for your everyday meal.

This Aloo Gobhi is:
• Vegan
• Gluten-Free
• Quick & Easy 
• Delicious
• Perfect to pack in Lunch Box, pa

So go back to your authenticity and enjoy winter specialty… my version aloo Gobhi masala. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Vegan Rajwadi Mix Vegetable Curry

Rajwadi curry is a gem among other sabzis and curry; a very special yet simple curry with mix vegetables. It can be part of Friday night special dinner even fits in a big dinner party or lunch with family get together. It’s simply delicious and vegan as well. Curry is a special part of Indian cuisine and families. A very famous rajwadi style curry simmers in rich cashew and onion-garlic gravy with whole spices that served with hot pooris or parathas.

You always choose your favourite vegetable in this type of curry – the base is gravy and voila. Even you can prep this gravy in advanced so when you need to add vegetable and spices just heat it up and serve. Authentic food has its own flavour and charm that is impossible to resist. For me, food is like my family’s legacy and it doesn’t matter where do I live. Every single dish I have learnt from my baba, it has its own unique taste and flavour. Subtle flavours and aroma that’s exactly you feel when you take a bite of authentic recipes and dishes.

This is a really simple and flavourful curry that need only pantry staple ingredients and seasonal vegetables of your choice. It is a delicious curry, every part of India people has their own version, yet you fell for every single version of it; even though no onion-garlic also. Another favourite curry in my family is rajwadi mix vegetable curry. The spicy and subtle flavour of spices, rich, creamy, so sumptuous. If you want more richness so, add a spoon full of ghee while is hot.

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Dal Palak (lentils spinach curry)

Indian dal Palak or yellow lentils with spinach is a pretty basic recipe that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and spices. For Dal Palak, I have used yellow lentils and split chickpea with spinach but feel free to swap with split pigeon peas as per your taste. I like the creaminess of moong dal with a little chunk of Chana dal. This dal Palak is full of nutrition and protein-packed with the goodness of spinach north Indian dish that is very famous and healthy. It gives your diet a healthy balance of deliciousness and protein.

Actually, this is a simple way to add greens in your daily meal. An easy to make a recipe with a unique garlicky flavour that gives this recipe much flavour and aroma. This Dal Palak is not just comforting meal but also has an amazing aroma of garlic and very few spices that easily available in your pantry. My version of dal palak is simply cooked moong dal, Chana dal with turmeric, salt in garlic-cumin tempering and few spices that gives an aromatic lift. It’s not so fancy yet so delicious and with the goodness of humble lentils and green spinach.

In your meal, nothing more succulent than a warm bowl of dal palak poured over hot plain rice or with chapati. In India, every region they have their own varieties of lentils with different spices and veggies. Also different cooking method, worth of trying but I like most this very simple dal palak in my dinner. So simple, sober, much comforting plus vegan full of healthy nutritional values and plant-based protein is a great way to add green in your daily meal.

Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Sprouted Moong Dal Curry

Sprouted moong beans curry is healthy, protein-packed, full of nutritious, and has a very earthy flavour and aroma. It can be cooked in different ways. I made this beautiful delicious sprouted moong bean curry in simple ginger garlic flavoured sauce with mildly spiced.

To make sprout you just need to soak beans overnight and then left it in a warm place with covered in cloth. It helps to start sprouting. I always prepare moong beans sprout at home but if there is a lack of time, then you can buy from the grocery store.

It is so delicious, easy to make, and one-pot curry. This curry flavoured with garam masala – a classic Indian spice blend of earthy warm spice that gives this curry rustic and authentic flavour. In my region, moong beans are a holy grain. We make some special curry’s with moong beans on the festival as an offering. My holistic curry trail starts from home and the divine culture of plant-based food. It’s an absolutely vegan and gluten-free wholesome meal.

This sprout curry is a light and fragrant and a good option for the weight watchers. Right now I am also cutting gluten and carbs from the diet but I love to add healthy food in my meal. This soul-warming curry made my day when I really craving carb.

Sprout curry is a hearty and nourishing dinner recipe. Sprout moong beans are cooked in a savoury Indian style onion and ginger-garlic sauce to make dinner scrumptious.

Moong beans are a good source of dietary fibre, protein, phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and vitamin K. The protein-plus-fibre combination in beans is one of the things that makes them special. Do not forget to add protein in your daily diet it is a necessary element of your gut health and wellness.

My low carb plate is settled, sometimes it’s good to back to our basic food that gives energy and takes care of our health.

So, Enjoy it. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Palak Paneer – Spinach With Indian Cottage Cheese

Hello lovely peoples! I hope you all are well. The weekend is around the corner and today I am going to share this beautiful and deliciously aromatic, silky Palak Paneer.

Simple and so comforting: Palak paneer is a popular North Indian dish of Indian-style cottage cheese mixed with a creamy spinach sauce, infused with earthy spices.

Palak Paneer is such a staple curry in north India. It’s one of the most commonly made paneer dishes in Indian homes and restaurants. You can eat this delicious Palak paneer very well with roti, naan, or even rice. Vegan folks can replace paneer with tofu in this curry and it tastes also good with that. This rustic and homemade restaurant-style perfect for the lunch meal. It’s full of flavours, vegetarian friendly, and also gluten-free.

Palak aka spinach is one of the most nutritious leafy green vegetables and good sources of fibbers too. Spinach is low in carb, good for weight loss. It’s good to add green to your daily diet. At this time, you need to take care of yourself and your family. Good food always gives positive vibes and energy. Palak is spinach and Paneer is Indian cottage cheese, and the combination of both makes this beautiful green curry gravy – Palak Paneer.

It is a magical green curry with spinach as its sauce and paneer cubes simmered in it along with a few spices. It’s an easy authentic Indian curry recipe, perfect for both lunch or dinner time.

Enjoy. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Apple Curry

Apples are so versatile and I couldn’t stop featuring as in my curry love. This beautiful spicy, tangy, vegan curry packed with full of flavour and super comforting. Are you Apple fan? Well, I am not but this spicy apple curry is loaded with aromatic flavour and chunky texture that make perfect family dinner meal. You can’t say no to it.

My mum used to make fruits curry like guava curry, apple curry, banana peel curry, a very special potato curry that cooked in orange juice. So, it is my mum’s recipe. In Indian cuisine, we make curry with fruits and dry fruits too. The sweetness and tanginess of apple go so well with earthly spices and create sinfully warm and delicious curry.

This authentic apple curry is slightly sweet, spicy and tangy in the taste that usually served with warm roti or rice. This recipe uses only pantry ingredients. So, if you got some Indian spices at home and apples, good to go. It’s fun to make food gives you positive energy. Apple curry is healthy, plant-powered, vegan, easy to make and also packed with lots of earthy flavours.

During such crazy times, cooking is my escape and calling all those who need some royal fruity curry recipes. Keep enjoying easy to make curries and cooking.

Enjoy. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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