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Stir Fry Garlic Parval

The best and quick parval recipe, you will absolutely love. Preparation of garlicky parval is effortless with very few spices. It makes a perfect side dish to serve with roti and rice or parathas for breakfast and lunch. Parval is also known as pointed gourd and one of my mum’s favourite veggies.

Personally, I love to cook and eat parval in many variations but this specific one is my favourite. I usually eat this dry curry with roti and papad. This parval sabji is dry curry but so much flavoursome. A very healthy and homely dish that can be made on an everyday basis.

Can You Make this garlicky Parval Curry in the Air Fryer?
Absolutely yesss. I love to make this parval curry in the air fryer. Using an air fryer for this recipe is easy and uses very little oil. There is a misconception that you cannot make Indian curries in an air fryer. Since this recipe is dry, making it in an air fryer is quite convenient. Just slice pointed gourd or parval into two slices, mix them with the spice mix and air fry them at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-12 minutes.

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Dry Fruit Pinni

Soft sugar-free utterly delicious dry fruit pinni is pure love. Made with very few ingredients and a must-have winter delicacy. In Punjabi cuisine – pinni is wholesome and full of flavourful sweet. Pinni is very special in Indian cuisine and is made differently in various places of India. Punjabi pinni is made in a different style. It is cooked in ghee on a slow wood fire then some herb and edible gum with lots of dry fruits in it is added.

Punjabi Pinni is the healthiest and protein-packed snack and breakfast as they are packed with all nutrition like jaggery, ghee, ginger powder, edible gum dry fruits in it. It is essential in Indian homes during winter, because that will keep you warm inside and boost your immune system.

In my family, my baba used to make these and we call this sweet as gond ke laddoo. They are my absolute favourite winter snack. So, in this festive season, I thought to make and share some typical authentic sweet Gond ke Laddu or pinni known as desi energy balls. A popular Punjabi dish, also known as Panjeeri laddu or pinni, are considered a healthy winter delicacy as well.

What is Gond?

Gond also known as gund, is a natural edible gum obtained from the sap of the acacia plant and then dried for cooking purposes. It is white or brownish in colour and is known for its warming effect on our bodies.

Gond is packed with nutrition and is used in making bakery items, ice creams and Indian sweets. It has great medicinal properties. It helps in strengthening our immunity, helps in relieving constipation and helps in maintaining good skin. Due to its health benefits and heat-producing properties, pinni or gond laddoo are given after delivery to new mothers to regain energy and immunity. Ginger powder/saunth is another warming spice that makes it perfect to consume in winter.

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Bajra Methi Dhebra

Savoury, herbalicious, perfectly spiced and soft methi bajra dhebras are so delicious that you can enjoy them as snacks or breakfast. I like to enjoy these dhebras at any time of the day with a hot cup of tea and pickle. Methi bajra dhebra is a staple food of Gujarati kitchen – an unleavened flatbread made of wheat and millet flour, fine chopped aromatic fenugreek leaf, yoghurt-ginger-garlic paste, some spices and little sweetness of jaggery. Typically it is served in breakfast or lunch with yogurt or sweet pickle. Dhebra comes in very handy for the lunch boxes as well. Methi bajra dhebra is best when enjoyed either right after making them or later the same day. Even good for long travel as well.

Simply knead the dough with water and yogurt. Store cooled dhebras in an airtight container and keep them at room temperature. You can also prepare them in various varieties as per your choice. If you want to freeze them, make sure first to let them cool down totally. Then place them into the freezer-proof container with placing butter paper in-between each dhebras.

Re-heat dhebras in a hot pan before consuming them. You may freeze the dough in the freezer and thaw properly before making the dhebra.

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Papad Bhel

Basically, bhelpuri is a popular Indian street-style snack made using puffed rice as its base ingredient. This tangy and very slightly sweet chaat can be made in just 10 minutes if you have the ingredients ready. This papad bhel is a different version of regular bhel. Here is my easy recipe to make at home.

I have a habit of eating papad a lot. This delicious Papad Bhel is most wonderful easy recipe. Actually, papad bhel is an made with chopped onion, tomatoes and boiled potatoes, to which crushed fried Papad adds crunchiness, turning it into an irresistible evening snack. It’s a very handy snack when you want to eat something light and healthy.

The best part is that you can customize it as per your taste. Preparing this healthy and easy evening has a definite way, with the papad cut into long strips of about ¼-inch thickness. To ensure healthy eating, I usually take out the excess oil from the fried papads by soaking the surplus oil with absorbent paper. If you are health-conscious then skip the frying, just roast the papad.

For the tanginess and tartness, I have added spices like chaat masala to it and for freshness the almighty zesty lemon, all of which are easily available. However, make sure that the fried papad does not get crumbled and soggy; otherwise, the chaat will lose crunchiness. To ensure this, Papad should be added to the eclectic mixture just before serving it to guests. This way, the crispy element remains intact and the appetiser taste heavenly delicious.

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Falahari Makhana Chivda

Falahari makhana chivda is a very light snack and easy to make and I love it. It’s so handy when you want something to snack on, makhana or lotus seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition, rich in fibre and low in calories too. Makhana is widely used in Indian cuisine like roasted makhana, makhana kheer, raita, curry, etc. I made this super easy and delicious makhana chivda. We all love sweet and tangy chivda recipes or mixture recipes at home. This healthy yet delicious snack is made with sago, makhana, dry fruits, peanuts, coconut chips, and some basic spices that are easily available at home.

What is makhana?
Makhanas is also known as fox nuts, Euryale Ferox, lotus seeds, gorgon nuts, and Phool makhana. These seeds are often used in quite a few Indian sweets and savouries like kheer, or makhana curry, roasted as well. Also eaten as an evening tea-time snack.

Read my Makhana Kheer recipe here: Makhana kheer

I usually make simple ghee roasted makhana for my munchkin. This is a mixture version of makhana with different nuts and usual spices. Making this is a mixture so quick and easy. You just need few minutes to make this crunchy snack. Make a big batch and store it in an airtight container and enjoy whenever required. Makhana chivda is a crunchy, delicious, light and easy snack to prepare at home.

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Vegan Spiced Walnut Banana Bread With Jaggery

This vegan spiced walnut banana bread is simply delicious with a beautiful texture that makes banana bread irresistible. Actually, I love lots of walnut in my banana bread that gives not only the chunky texture but also beautiful colour. It’s so amazing… I am really in love with this vegan spiced walnut banana bread. I am not the person who grew up eating lots of cake and flavoured bread but after moved to Pune with my family then the first time I have tested banana bread from a little bakery near my house. It was the most amazing banana walnut bread I ever tasted.

That time I thought I will never be going to be able to make this kind of sweet bread at home. I was never able to stop myself from eating good banana bread. After trying so many recipes, this is exactly the same taste and textured walnut banana bread I was used to eating in Pune.

This is my version of easy one bowl spiced walnut banana bread. Moist, spiced and filled with nutty walnut, this banana bread is so amazing and melts in the mouth. I made this bread without dairy and eggs but you will not able to tell the difference. It is so easy to make, even you can make this beautiful bread without sugar by trying your favourite sweetener or if your banana is sweeter then you don’t need any sugar.

Always use overripe bananas for baking for texture and sweetness. You can skip jaggery also or replace walnut with chocolate chip or any other nuts of choice. It’s totally up to you guys but, trying healthy vegan spiced walnut bread is worthy. Plus you can have little dessert without any guilt and your little one also going to love this. Eat as a snack or enjoy a slice of this healthy banana bread as a breakfast with your favourite hot beverage or as a dessert after your meal. It’s so good to have a healthy dessert for your guest also.

Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Methi Thepla

Methi thepla, a Gujrati style flatbread made with fresh fenugreek and whole wheat flour by adding few spices – a most lovable Gujrati dish. It is a soft paratha with different texture and aroma. These theplas are easy to store for a few days and amazing food for travel. Using methi or fresh fenugreek leaves into these parathas not just enhances the flavour but also loaded with nutrition.

It is a good way to feed leafy greens to your little one and perfect for lunch box also. Also adding a little bit of sour yogurt or curd and chickpea flour into the dough make these parathas soft yet mildly crispy. Or if you want them soft and melt in the mouth skip adding chickpea flour into the dough.

Methi thepla is cooked every day in Gujrati cuisine. My mum also used to make these theplas a lot for us. So, it’s kind of a memory of home for me but here it’s not possible to find these little leaves of happiness. So I have grown fenugreek in my kitchen garden.

Methi thepla it is not just paratha, it’s a feeling, delicious, healthy and power-packed snacks, easy to carry. Thin and soft healthy theplas are very light also. You and your loved one can enjoy any time with pickle or boondi raita. These are aromatic fenugreek flatbread is the staple food and you can enjoy with your hot cup of tea as well.

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Spicy Vegan Baked Masala Peanuts

Masala peanut is a spicy and crunchy fried peanut coated with gluten-free chickpea flour and spices. That is usually served with a hot cup of tea or enjoy with your favourite drink during drink parties. I have savoury snacking additions but I prefer something healthy and non-fried with my tea. Well, tea is an important part of Indian evening and for me as well. My day starts with my masala tea and any spicy dry snacks. So, this is my baked version of this classic Haldiram style masala peanuts.

It is healthy, very less oil, gluten-free and super easy to make at home and you can be store for a long time in your kitchen counter in an airtight container. Your kids can also enjoy this guilt-free healthy version of masala peanut. This baked masala peanut is a perfect party starter also and the best part is, it can be prepared in advanced and stored easily.

Making favourite snacks at home is my habit and outcome is so delicious better than store brought. At least I have control over the quality of ingredients and spices without the use of preservatives. The best thing about this non-fried version of masala peanut you can make at home with basic pantry staple ingredients. So, enjoy… one of my most favourite all-time snack but healthy version 🙂

Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Dal Palak (lentils spinach curry)

Indian dal Palak or yellow lentils with spinach is a pretty basic recipe that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and spices. For Dal Palak, I have used yellow lentils and split chickpea with spinach but feel free to swap with split pigeon peas as per your taste. I like the creaminess of moong dal with a little chunk of Chana dal. This dal Palak is full of nutrition and protein-packed with the goodness of spinach north Indian dish that is very famous and healthy. It gives your diet a healthy balance of deliciousness and protein.

Actually, this is a simple way to add greens in your daily meal. An easy to make a recipe with a unique garlicky flavour that gives this recipe much flavour and aroma. This Dal Palak is not just comforting meal but also has an amazing aroma of garlic and very few spices that easily available in your pantry. My version of dal palak is simply cooked moong dal, Chana dal with turmeric, salt in garlic-cumin tempering and few spices that gives an aromatic lift. It’s not so fancy yet so delicious and with the goodness of humble lentils and green spinach.

In your meal, nothing more succulent than a warm bowl of dal palak poured over hot plain rice or with chapati. In India, every region they have their own varieties of lentils with different spices and veggies. Also different cooking method, worth of trying but I like most this very simple dal palak in my dinner. So simple, sober, much comforting plus vegan full of healthy nutritional values and plant-based protein is a great way to add green in your daily meal.

Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Handvo (Spicy Rice-Lentils Cake)

Healthy and yummylicious mixed lentils and rice cake recipe from the Gujarati cuisine. Handvo is a popular breakfast in Gujju families and even you can eat as a snack with your hot tea. It is a baked cake made with a fermented batter of rice and various lentils that is mixed with spices and vegetable. This spicy and savoury cake is soft inside and crisp outside. This can be made using Handvo flour or a batter made from scratch using rice and lentils. And yes, I have prepared this from scratch, as I cannot get Handvo flour here.

The protein-packed and most healthy spicy cake is full of nutrients and goodness of vegetables, and aroma is outstanding. I have personally prepared this guilt-free cake for our breakfast. This overwhelming, Handvo, a flavourful savoury cake-like dish and much better with bottle gourd; but I have used zucchini.

Gujrati cuisine has an impressive line-up of delicious savoury snacks and breakfast. I love all those dishes personally even my family too. Every Gujarati family will have their own version of Handvo, like some, adds pickle spices and oil in it for extra flavoursome. I have made it extra spicy. So, I love this savoury cake a bit spicy and a nice crust on top and bottom. It is diet-friendly too, because of protein and very less oil; no guilt when I take a big piece in my plate.

You can replace dairy yogurt with vegan yogurt or add lemon juice for a vegan recipe version. Ferment the batter without the lemon or tamarind. Add it just before baking. It is a wonderful breakfast and perfect teatime snack, a protein-packed recipe with the goodness of vegetables that you can give your little munchkins too.

I love this savoury and spicy cake with my piping hot masala chai and spicy green chutney. Handvo can be served as a snack, breakfast, lunch, or light supper as it can be a meal itself. Many serve it with buttermilk as well.

So, Enjoy it. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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