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Vegan Spiced Hot Chocolate Milk

Happy new year guys! This vegan chocolate milk tastes so rich, creamy and delicious in every sip and it’s completely dairy-free & sugar-free. For this special version of chocolate milk, you don’t need any sugary chocolate syrup or any dairy product and still, it tastes so creamy and heavenly amazing.

I really like my chocolate milk thick and silky, rich and also guilt-free so this is exactly what I want. I don’t like thin chocolate milk so this my version of chocolate milk purely heaven with a little hint of date sweetener and sharpness of ginger.

Pure vegan chocolate milk is made with 5 ingredients and under 10 min voila. Super delicious, refined sugar-free, vegan and healthy version of classic chocolate milk is so much better, that your little munchkin going to ask for another cup.

This healthy hot/chilled chocolate milk recipe is:
  • Dairy-free
  • Vegan
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Low fat
  • And super easy to make
  • You can serve either hot or chilled as per your choice.
Can you use cocoa in place of raw cacao powder?

You absolutely can! The benefit of using raw cacao is that you’re getting the added extra dose of antioxidants! Whenever possible, look for ethically sourced cacao. It will give you a nice rich taste, too

Can you use store brought vegan milk?

Absolutely! The taste may be slightly different but it’s still chocolate milk pours it and drink any time of year. I love to use creamy cashew or almond milk in this recipe as its rich flavour blends seamlessly with the rich cocoa powder. If you want a creamier and nut-free drink, then try coconut milk instead.

Can you use vanilla or any other spices?

Defiantly it’s totally up to you. How you want to spice it up to your chocolate milk or you can totally skip any spices and use vanilla instead. I love ginger in my chocolate milk.

A perfect hot drink for cold, foggy winter nights. Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Mango Lassi

Scrumptious mango lassi, beautiful soothing creamy drink made by yogurt and ripe mangoes, sugar, cardamom powder… most delighted Indian summer drink. Without mango for me, there is no summer. I grew up, by enjoying mangoes all summer in a different way but the all-time favourite is mango lassi and Aamras. Frothy soothing drink with a dollop of unsweetened yogurt that gives this drink slightly sour flavour with the freshness of sweet ripe mangoes.

Lassi is a sweet or savoury/salty Indian drink made from a fresh yogurt/buttermilk, water and tops up with homemade lassi masala. There is many more version of this classic summer drink and in Indian families. Lunch is never complete without lassi. So simple yet delightful soothing drink helps to beat heatwaves and keep you chill & refresh. This beautiful mango lassi has no sugar yet mildly sweeten with the natural sweetness of Alphonso mangoes with the richness of cardamom that gives this recipe a good kick.

The best part is that you can use frozen or canned mango pulp for this recipe and if you want can make this drink vegan too. Mango lassi is one of the most popular and loved Indian drink that served in many Indian restaurant’s menus, but easy to make it home. You can serve this mango lassi in supper or as a dessert or just like us along with your meal.

This mildly sweet and rich creamy mango lassi will compliment your authentic Indian meal and complete your summer food experience. Summer is on the way here, so grab your favourite mangoes and get your lassi hats on folks. You are going to love this beautiful creamy frothy summer mango lassi.

So ENJOY! Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Drunken Dalgona

Hello guys, I hope you all are doing well and keeping yourself sane and safe. Are you enjoying a lockdown period?

खामोश सी सुबह में – मैं और तुम – एक कप कॉफी… Well, it is Easter and you have plenty of time to make fancy, yet easy food and drink. I have been seeing this coffee, whip all over the internet and my mind blown by the texture. The Dalgona coffee aka whipped coffee trend got me too. I am a bit late to this sensation, but here I go. Got my Easter started with drunken Dalgona.

Coffee makes everything better and this fluffy, creamy coffee is an addictive and nice thing, that happens in this duration. So finally, my turn to enjoy this coffee on my way, drunken way.

All you need is a tablespoon of each instant coffee, sugar, and water. Whisk them together until thick and fluffy. Within no time this coffee ready for you to enjoy. I just had to make it in different ways to enjoy on my Easter morning to saying goodbye to my old friend aka sugar.

Ya, I am leaving sugar forever but before leaving last drink with my sugar and of course Dalgona coffee. Easter morning everybody making delicious food and barbeque, while I am making my last coffee to welcome beautiful spring and sugar-free, healthy life.

Stay healthy, stay humble!

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Baileys Thandai (spiced milk with Baileys)

We all are at home and it’s a good time to try out a simple and good recipe. Let’s plan to make a beautiful special drink – Baileys infused Thandai.

Thandai is a chilled, gorgeously Indian spiced drink made from whole milk, dry fruits, flavored with saffron, cardamom, fennel seeds, poppy seed, slight heat of peppercorns, the fragrance of roses. It is like nothing you have ever tasted before.

And it is a nutritious and cooling drink that tastes is absolutely heavenly. Traditionally thandai drink is spiked with bhang to serve on special occasions like Holi, Maha Shivaratri.

But it tastes delicious with baileys as well. My version of this creamy and flavourful Thandai spiked with Baileys Irish cream is utterly delicious. When you blend two amazing drinks together then the fusion is awesome. If you have this Thandai spice mix powder ready then this special drink you can make in no time. You need Baileys handy but it’s totally optional.

Well, Baileys is an indulgent blend of cream and aged Irish whiskey and infused with vanilla pods and cocoa beans for an irresistible taste. So, enjoy a glass full of indulgence, that can be clubbed with your favorite food, nice books, Netflix movies.

We should be prepared and don’t get panic in this kind of situation. Need to think about other people’s life and safety.

Plz, be at home. Pray for the doctors and nurses and all the medical practitioners with a gesture of love and respect – who are putting themselves on the front-line to bring healing and comfort to those afflicted. Social distancing is the only solution yet. Let support and fight against Covid19.

Stay healthy, stay humble! Sending lots of positive vibes, love and XxX.

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Turmeric Latte (Haldi wala doodh)

The last hours of the year are full of melancholy memories and thoughts about the people who are not with me today.

Again a year has come to end and folks are doing celebrations by cutting the cake and having drinks with friends. I would like to wish you all a very 𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐘 𝐍𝐄𝐖 𝐘𝐄𝐀𝐑 and thank you for support. May your life be full of happiness and good health, and yeah same wishes for your loved ones too.

Honestly this year, really was not so good for us. There were two unpleasant events in our family. First, my baba died and then my mother-in-law lost her battle against cancer. It’s really difficult to keep moving but sometimes you don’t have any other option.

I hope this Lil bit of time left, the clock will punch the twelve and I wish for a magical time to make a change in my life.

My baba was a great home cook and a great mentor too. He was the one who thought me cooking and this is the reason for my love for sweet and spices. In the Indian family used to say start your new year with good thinking and good food will bring good fortune for the whole year.

On this new year eve, I am just sitting next to my window and drinking my turmeric latte. We all are drinking this magical golden drink.

In India, this beautiful latte is known as “Haldi wala doodh” which is our special winter drink and made with fresh turmeric.

Actually, Indian food is incomplete without turmeric. We also make fresh turmeric curry in clarified butter. It’s a classical veggie to eat in especially winter.

It’s always important to do something special each day for yourself, even if you find yourself in the middle of a crazy time. So, do pampering yourself with good care of your body and mind.

Turmeric has antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. In the Indian kitchen, turmeric is an essential spice to fight with cold and boost immunity. It also gives a calming and soothing effect.

I give a treat to myself a hot cup of golden beauty “Haldi wala doodh” when I am tired from the busy day.

Many of the people even don’t like the smell and I am also one of them. But I make my drink with nutmeg, ginger and Lil bit of dates as a sweetener and yes, of course, black pepper also. Heat up your winter with the warmth of this drink.

I propose a toast for the new year with a new beginning of life to family and most importantly for the person, I loved most who is absent but can’t be forgotten.

Wish you all a very happy new year… Stay tuned.

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Vegan Boozy Eggnog

Beautiful Christmas morning to all 🙂 Boozy nog

After spending a long hectic day at the hospital for my daughter’s EEG, I really need a spiked drink. Well, this is Christmas and what is better than a spiked eggless Eggnog.

As a flavour junkie, I always enjoy spices in curry, drinks, and soup. But, this chilled cup of hotness is spoiled me with spiked boozy flavour. I am making this for rainy Christmas eve for me and my sweetheart. It’s completely sugar-free, egg-free and dairy-free. So, when I drink this down, I don’t wanna feel guilty about it.

Once you try this, you’ll fall in love with this drink. Spiked with classic bourbon and spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, sweetened with dates. Actually, this is my latest obsession with the famous eggnog. You’re not gonna believe I have tried eggnog the first time in my life when I moved here in the Netherlands last year. One of my neighbours offered me this classic beauty. I don’t know it’s having egg in it. This year I made my own version of egg-free nog. Trust me, it’s gonna spoil you.

This boozy spicy sugar-free hottie is a rich creamy flavour. I feel like that’s all I needed at the end of my hectic day, give it a try babes. There is no Christmas without spiked bourbon nog, get in your holiday spirit and drink it up. Now question is, who’s got the bourbon, time to get into the holiday spirit. I used Jim Beam, which is lovely in this if you want, you can switch to rum as well. You can make it with egg/egg-free or alcoholic/non-alcoholic as well, it’s totally up to you.

OMG, this sounds astonishing, that elevated your thrill about eggnog if you never had nog before. C’mon go guys have some or you can make for yourself and drink while decorating the tree, watching Christmas movie and that’s it fa la la la la…

It’s the time of eggnog, candles, cakes, songs, reindeer, carols, laughter – and most importantly LOVE.

Wish you a Merry Christmas 😉 Happy holidays!

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Pumpkin Spice Latte

Happy weekend friends!

As a coffee lover, I always fancy of pumpkin spice latte. So today I made a vegan pumpkin spice latte with homemade almond milk, some warm spices, and white Russian pumpkin puree and finest coffee. Well, this is not autumn, but I like to drink some warm drinks on a rainy cold day.

I made my own version of latte but the funny thing is that I never had actual pumpkin latte before coming here. After having a delicious and beautiful spiced warm drink, it became my one of favorite drinks on a rainy cold day.
I wish you all a happy weekend filled with good food and good mood. I also want the same wishes for me to focus after a dark time of life which I spent the last couple of months. Now my soul really wants a nice latte along with nice food, nice music, and love.

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